What is LAVA?

Efficiently model and analyze wood-framed structures in record time.

LAVA, a comprehensive Windows-based software designed for the intricate analysis and design of wood-framed structures. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and extensive material databases, LAVA transforms the way engineers approach both lateral and vertical structural analysis, making it faster, more accurate, and remarkably efficient

Seamlessly Connected

The modules of the program interact automatically to produce a final engineering design

Regional Adaptation

Pre-set multiple regional & local specification preferences.

Loading Consideration

Choose from a library of preset load options for various types of roof, floor, deck & special conditions in LAVA’S database.

Gravity Modeling

  • Provide framing direction
  • Model cantilever conditions
  • Confirm loading type: roof, floor, or other

Lateral Modeling

  • Select shear walls, lateral resisting elements
  • Copy, mirror, rotate as

Lateral Modeling

  • Flexibility rigid or semi-rigid analysis
  • Torsion considered for both wind and seismic

Automatic Load Transfer

  • Level-to-level from beams, bearing walls, and shear walls with Omega factor as applicable
  • Manual input available

Hardware Selection

Automatic selection of straps, holdowns, manufactured shear walls and tiedowns.

Calculation Report

  • Customizable calculation report
  • Select what to include in the final report
  • Table of Contents will update automatically