Our Vision

Our vision at CBS2 is to redefine structural engineering through advanced software, elevating design efficiency and accuracy for global community benefit.

About CBS2, LLC

CBS2, LLC stands at the forefront of innovation in structural engineering software, particularly for wood construction of up to 6 stories. Founded by structural engineers Masoud Bokaie and George Richards, our company merges extensive experience with the latest technology. This fusion has led to the creation of our flagship products: LAVA for comprehensive structural engineering. This product embodies our dedication to innovation and exemplify our commitment to advancing the structural engineering community.

Why We Developed LAVA

Recognizing the need for specialized software in the structural engineering sector, particularly for wood-framed structures, we developed LAVA. Our goal was to address the challenges faced by engineers in designing and analyzing framed structures. LAVA was born out of a desire to provide a tool that not only simplifies complex engineering tasks but also enhances the overall design and analysis process.

About LAVA

LAVA is a groundbreaking Windows-based program that revolutionizes the way engineers approach lateral and vertical analysis of framed structures. Integrating sophisticated engineering theories with a user-friendly interface, LAVA significantly reduces design time while improving model accuracy. Its comprehensive material database facilitates quick modifications, allowing engineers to efficiently tackle projects of any scale, from a single-family home to large multifamily buildings. Key features of LAVA include automated load transfer for various forces, and a suite of material selection tools, ensuring efficiency without compromising on detail or accuracy.

Our Team


Masoud Bokaie, SE


With a Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Masters in Civil Engineering from California State University Long Beach, Masoud brings over 35 years of experience in wood-framed construction. Licensed in multiple states, he has trained over 200 structural engineers, contributing significantly to the industry.


George Richards, PE


A graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, George specializes in wood and light gauge steel construction. With over 35 years of experience, he’s a respected figure in international building codes and methodologies, offering insights to wood-framed construction within the building industry.

Team Debbie Penko

Debbie Penko, PE


Debbie Penko, PE is a professional engineer with over two decades of experience in delivering high quality structural engineering software. As a trailblazer in software-driven solutions, she has orchestrated innovative designs, optimized workflows, and championed customer-centric experiences. From code to customer satisfaction, Debbie remains at the forefront, shaping the future of engineering software.

Tyler Liu, Ph.D., PE

Senior Engineer

Tyler’s extensive educational background, including a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, underpins his 16 years in structural design. His expertise spans across various structures and building codes, making him a cornerstone of our engineering team.

Kam Lui

Senior Software Engineer

Holding dual degrees in Architectural Engineering and Computer Science, from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. Kam’s 20 years in software development bridge the gap between engineering and technology. His work is pivotal in creating user-friendly, robust software solutions for the industry.